Payments can be made online or you can send payments in an envelope with your child, stating child’s name, class and the day(s) or date(s) the meal is/are required.  

Siblings can be paid in one payment, but you must specify how the payment is to be split, e.g. Child A £70.00 and Child B £38.00. 

 School Dinners are £2.20 per day or £11 per week. 

 Alternatively you can pay in advance  if this is easier.

  Spring 1: 04/01/17 – 17/02/17 = £72.60

  Spring 2: 27/02/17 - 07/04/17 = £66.00

  Summer 1: 25/04/17 - 26/05/17 = £50.60

 Summer 2: 05/06/17 - 25/07/17 = £77.00

 Payments can be made online via the link below, or you can send payment in an envelope stating your child's name, class and the day (date) or days the payment is for. 

Cheques need to be made payable to ERYC

Online Payment



Online Payment Guide