Ofsted Report

The school had an Ofsted Inspection in June 2015 - click here to see the report.

You will see from the above report of the recent Ofsted Inspection that the school has been now been judged to be good in all areas. To say we are pleased with the report would be an understatement. For a school to improve by 2 grades is very unusual. 

To achieve this outcome only 16 months since the last inspection (12 months, if you deduct holidays) has been a massive team effort all round. Staff and governors have worked tirelessly to address our areas for improvement and we have been very well supported by our local authority, both directly and indirectly. The pupils have also responded well to the changes which have been necessary and both achievement and progress have increased significantly across all age groups.

Staff and Governors  would like to say a special thank you to parents for your continual support and faith in the school - this has made a big difference to our morale after the last report. Thank you for all the parent surveys returned and to those who went online via Parentview to add to the positive picture of the school that the inspectors gained.