Lower Key Stage 2

Class 4 (Year 3/4) - Miss Winstanley

Class 5 (Year 3/4) - Miss Ripley

Class 6 (Year 3/4) - Mr Fisher (Lower Key Stage 2 Leader)

On this page you will find all the information you or your child will need to help them keep up to date with Year 3 and 4 news.

Should you have any problems or concerns regarding your child, or would generally like more information, then please don’t hesitate to come in and see your child’s teacher.

We are very fortunate that we have some super support staff who work alongside our teachers in Lower Key Stage 2. 

Mrs Hamilton - TA 

Mrs Clark - 1:1 TA

Miss Davill - 1:1 TA 

Mrs Brown - HLTA (PPA cover) 

Mrs Fisher - HLTA (PPA cover and Management cover) 

One of our key aims in Lower Key Stage 2 is to help the children to develop greater levels of responsibility and independence. Children should enter the school building on their own and get themselves organised independently - this includes making sure they have all of their equipment for the day, such as reading books, PE kits, spelling sheets etc.

Spring 2020

Our main topic this term is History, where we will study Ancient Egypt.

The children will learn about Pharaohs, Pyramids and tombs, Hieroglyphics and symbols, Mummification, Egyptian Gods, Life for ordinary Egyptians and the Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb and the significance of this in our understanding of the Ancient Egyptians. The topic will also include a visit to the Hands on History Museum in Hull to further develop the children's understanding.

Our Science themes  'States of Matter.' and 'Power It Up! Electricity.' Children will learn about Solids, Liquids and Gases including whether we can change states and if these changes are reversible or irreversible. The electricity work will include circuits, uses of electricity, dangers and keeping safe with electricity and how electricity is made.  

In Art, we will be looking at Journeys. This will include looking at how artists represent journeys in surreal and abstract ways. We will use Joan Miro and Andrew Farley as inspirations. We will also look at Egyptian art linked to our history work. The Design and Technology topic is 'Take A Seat' and will look at different types of chairs, with a particular focus on Egyptian thrones.

In Computing, we will develop our Coding skills using 2Simple's Purple Mash. We will also look at LOGO and movement and control of objects on the screen.

Our R.E. work will focus on 'Saints and Heroes.' This will include studying a range of different Saints and the reasons for their Canonization. Heroes will include what makes a hero and how heroes are around in every day life.

In P.S.H.C.E. children will learn more about relationships and lifestyles. 

Year 3 and 4 children will continue to benefit from our specialist music teacher, Kim Rooke, who visits every Friday afternoon to teach the children a range of musical skills, including vocal control, rhythm and pitch. The children will also get lots of practical playing opportunities using 'boomwhackers' (click for details), percussion instruments, keyboards, strings and brass instruments.


See our long term and medium term planning here.

Key Dates For Lower Key Stage 2

Tues 24th March - All Year 3 and 4 children to visit Hands on History Museum for our Egyptology Day

Friday 27th March - Year 3/4 Community Afternoon - Games, cakes and drinks with parents, grandparents and community groups. This will include some musical performances from groups of children with Mrs Rooke 

Wed 10th June - Year 4 Residential Visit to Haworth

All relevant information for the above activities will be shared in good time with parents. 


Games/P.E. kit will be needed as follows:

Lower Key Stage 2 Games - Wednesday afternoon (some lessons will be undertaken by Tigers Trust)

Class 4 indoor P.E. - Thursday

Class 5 indoor P.E. - Thursday

Class 6 indoor P.E. - Monday

Please ensure a full change of kit is available for all lessons, which will be outside, weather permitting. A change of footwear is essential for outdoors. Can we also remind you that earrings/jewellery should not be worn on these days.

From Thursday 30th January, the children will start a 10 week block of swimming lessons at Goole Leisure Centre. The lessons are taught by East Riding Council Swimming Teachers with our teachers in support. For the ten week period these lessons will replace the Indoor P.E sessions outlined above.


Children are expected to learn their weekly list of 10 spellings. To practice at home please follow some of the links below.


Please click the image below for the Year 3/4 key word list. A national curriculum requirement is that all children should be able to read and spell these words by the end of Lower Key Stage 2.


Click the image above to login into TT Rockstarz.

For Big Maths, children also need to continue to practice their ‘learn-it’ facts and work on the quick recall of these.


We request that children read at home at least 3 times a week and children have a reading record book to keep a count of these reads. Children are rewarded within school for completing their reading homework at home. Please click the books below for some questions you can ask your child while listening to them read. Answering questions on a text is a key skill required at the end of Upper Key Stage 2, please encourage your child to practise this at home.