Key Stage 1

Class 2 (FS2/Year 1) - Mrs Levitt/Mrs Johnson

Class 3 (Year1/2) - Mrs Rush (Key Stage 1 Leader)

On this page you should find all the information you or your child will need to them keep up to date with Key Stage 1 news.

Should you have any problems or concerns regarding your child, or would generally like more information, then please do not hesitate to come in and see your child's class teacher. 

We are very fortunate that we have some super support staff who work alongside our teachers in Key Stage 1. 

  • Mrs Jefferson - TA based in Class 3
  • Mrs Hourigan - TA based in Class 2 
  • Mrs Brown - HLTA (PPA cover and Management cover)
  • Mrs Fisher - HLTA (PPA cover)

Autumn Term 2019


Our main topic this term is 'All About Me'. Our topic combines geography and history together. Our geography work will enable the children to continue to develop their map reading skills through learning about their home locality and the United Kingdom.

In History we will be focusing on family trees and life events with reference to chronology and the order of history. In science we will be studying the human body and just how amazing we are as human beings. 

Adaptations to the curriculum and topics that we study will take into account the mixed year group classes. Therefore each individual year group will study the required curriculum for their year.

In Literacy we study lots of genres and below are some of the titles of the texts we will be using in our literacy lessons. We will be looking at stories in familiar settings, information texts, poetry and fantasy stories.

In our literacy lessons the children will have the opportunity to write their own stories, practice their grammar, punctuation and spellings. They will also be given the freedom to be as creative as they can. 

Each week they will also have a comprehension lesson consisting of questions about a text that they will have read as a whole class. Some lessons may be differentiated for each year group through either the questions or the text.

Where possible we try to link the comprehension to our texts or topic.    

See our long term and medium term planning here.




Key Dates For KS1



*coming soon*


Games/P.E. kit will be needed as follows:

Key Stage 1 Games - Tuesday afternoon

Class 2 indoor P.E. - Friday

Class 3 indoor P.E. - Friday

Please ensure a full change of kit is available for all lessons, which will be outside, weather permitting.

A change of footwear is essential for outdoors. Can we also remind you that earrings/jewellery should not be worn on these days.


Children are expected to learn their weekly list of 10 spellings. To practice at home please follow some of the links below.



We request that children read at home every night if possible! Children have a reading record book to make notes on the children's reading.