Foundation 1 - Mrs Aspinall

Foundation 2 - Mrs Archer (Foundation Stage Leader)

On this page you should find all the information you or your child will need to them keep up to date with EYFS news.

Should you have any problems or concerns regarding your child, or would generally like more information, then please do not hesitate to come in and see your child's class teacher. 

We are very fortunate that we have some super support staff who work alongside our teachers in EYFS. 

  • Mrs Kitchen - Foundation 2 Nursery Nurse 
  • Mrs Lindley - Foundation 1 Nursery Nurse
  • Mrs Fisher - Foundation 1 and 2 Nursery Nurse and 1:1 support
  • Mrs Hodder - 1:1 support
  • Mrs Fisher - HLTA (PPA and Management cover)
  • Mrs Freer - Nursery Nurse (Absent at present)

Autumn Term

Our theme for this term will begin with Ourselves and then move on to looking at different Festivals and Celebrations.  During the theme of Ourselves we will be not only looking at ourselves and our friends but also our families and wider families.  We will then move on to look at family celebrations i.e. birthdays, weddings etc. 

We will be continuing to explore and develop our skills both indoors and outdoors using all of our areas of provision.  Could all children please bring outdoor clothing suitable for the weather that day (i.e. rain coats, sun hats etc)

See our long term and medium term planning here.


Foundation Stage Photo Gallery! - click to see photos from our special days

Key Dates for EYFS

*coming soon*

Foundation 1 Reminders

Our library day is Wednesday

Showing Day is Friday

All children to bring wellies to be left at school for outdoor play

Foundation 1 Timings

AM session - 8.45am - 11.45am

PM session - 12.30pm - 3.30pm 

*Full Days now available*

Foundation 2 Reminders

Our hall days are Tuesday and Friday

Foundation 2 Day