The Friday Table 


Each Friday, a pupil is nominated by every class teacher in recognition of their good behaviour or achievements in class. They are presented with special gold Merit Stickers and a special invitation from the Head Teacher to sit at the 'Friday Table'. Each week the table is decorated to reflect a different theme. The table is always very popular with all the pupils and invitations to sit at the 'Friday Table' are very highly prized! 


 9th June 2017 - Welcome Miss Monkman

26th May 2017 - Miss Ross' Last Day

19th May 2017 - Healthy Eating

12th May 2017 - Florence Nightingale's Birthday


5th May 2017 - Cinco de Mayo


28th April 2017 - Tour de Yorkshire '17

7th April 2017 - Easter   

9th June - Welcome Mrs Monkman

16th June - What's your hobby?