Try your best.......Do your best.....Be your best!  

Be Your Best Winners

Each half term the class (or classes) with the most 'Be Your Best' tokens win a £20 prize. They then have to decide as a class how they are going to spend it on a reward. Decisions last year included cinema afternoons, Besty Bob....and a live hamster!

The winning classes this year are:

Autumn 1:  Class 5 and  Class 7  

Autumn 2: Class 4

Spring 1:  Class 4  (Again!) They have now got £40 to spend.

Spring 2:  Class 7

Summer 1:

Summer 2:


Always Bands

We are delighted that lots of children in the school always try their best, do their best and be their best. In recognition of this we have introduced 'Always Bands', which children can wear to school to show their achievement.

Here are the children who have earned this accolade so far this year: 

Autumn Term: Mia Aconley (Class 6), Aleesha Milson (Class 5), Olivia Davill-Morrison (Class 9), Keira Greig Marshall (Class 5), Shawn Mills (Class 5), Abigail Bower (Class 7), Madison Kay (Class 9), Amelia Burridge-Todd (Class 7), Lexus Toon (Class 8), Chloe Hall (Class 7), Lola Shuttleworth (Class 7), Amelia Westbury (Class 3), Abigail Hardcastle (Class 8), Ethan Ashley (Class 5), Lillie-Ann Loftus (Class 3), James Newbound (Class 7)

Spring Term: Cameron McNicholl (Class 9), Ronnie Brown (Class 8), Millie Harris (Class 6), Rosie-Mae Loftus (Class 5), Frank Starbuck (Class 9), James Debenham (Class 8), Ella Adrian (Class 9), Grace Bland (Class 7), Claudia Jones (Class 3), Caitlin Someville-Woodiwis (Class 3), Adam Sharp (Class 3), Joshua Lane (Class 3), Megan Shann (Class 3), Harrison Best (Class 4), Phoebe Featherstone (Class 4), Lucy Denness (Class 5), Tiggy Owen-Smith (Class 5), Poppy Levitt (Class 6), Holly-Mae Dixon (Class 6), Oliver Newton (Class 7), Fabian Burki (Class 9), Poppy Dowson (Class 8), Alexis Hough (Class 3), Oliver Partington (Class 3), Harriet Hodge (Class 6), Halle-Rose Newton (Class 6), Matthew Hempel (Class 7), Emily Firth (Class 9), Freya Wales (8), Aisling Timmis (8), Tyron Buckle (Class 5), Joshua Lane (Class 3), Zoe Kirby (Class 3), 

Summer Term: Martha Pickering (Class 2), Isaac Green (Class 8), Emily Firth (Class 9), Annie Hudson (Class 5), Lilia Sterling (Class 8), George Graham (Class 6), Lacey Milson (Class2), Libby Wales (Class 5),