Welcome to Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 Information

There are three classes in Year 3 and 4.  Miss Winstanley teaches Class 4, Miss Ripley teaches Class 5 and Mr Fisher teaches Class 6. All three classes have a mixture of Year 3 and Year 4 children in them. 

In the mornings, for Maths, the classes are split into Year groups - A mixed Year 3 and 4 class with Miss Ripley. The remaining Year 4s with Mr Fisher and the remaining Year 3s with Miss Winstanley.  

In Lower Key Stage 2 we are also lucky to be supported by our talented HLTAs and TAs, who bring a range of skills, knowledge and experience to our team.

Mrs Brown , Mrs Binnington and Mrs Hamilton work with a range of different children either in groups or on an individual basis. 

Mrs Brown will also teach Class 5 on Monday afternoons and Class 6 on Tuesday afternoons to cover class teachers' P.P.A time.

Mrs Fisher will teach Class 4 on Monday afternoon to cover the class teacher's P.P.A time, and she will also teach Class 6 on Monday mornings to cover the class teacher's management release time.


Aims of Lower KS2 

One of our key aims in Lower Key Stage 2 is to help the children to develop greater levels of responsibility and independence. Children should enter the school building on their own and get themselves organised independently - this includes making sure they have all of their equipment for the day, such as reading books, PE kits, spelling sheets etc.

We aim to develop their confidence and self-belief and build up a love for learning, where it's important to have a go at difficult tasks and not be afraid to make mistakes. 


Summer Term 2019

At the beginning of this term we will conclude our 'Victorian Britain' study before moving onto a local study of Holme-upon-Spalding Moor. This will link with some of the things the children have learnt about The Victorians and how this relates to life in the village around this time. We will also investigate how the village has grown over time and how many of the older builders have changed their use.

The local study will also develop many skills in Geography. We will use maps, both online and paper-based, to study the local area and how different features are represented in maps. We will look at the land-use and facilities available in HOSM and consider possible improvements to the village. We will compare Holme as a village in relation to other villages within the East Riding, as well as considering the differences between villages, towns and cities. The topic will also include field work and we will visit different areas of the village to make observations and collect information within our local surroundings. 

Our Science themes will be 'Opposites Attract.' which is the study of attraction and repulsion with magnets, magnetic materials and friction, including increasing and decreasing friction. There will also be a focus on the practical side of science. We will then move onto 'Living things and their Environment' to study the habitats of a range of creatures and how they adapt to survive in their environment.  

In Art, we will be looking at Places to link in with our Local Study. This will include looking at how artists can influence the outdoor environment and will use sculptor Henry Moore as inspiration. Design and Technology will cover designing and making money containers, with a focus on style, usefulness and the safety of the fastening.

In Computing, we will look at different data bases and their effectiveness. We will also continue to develop understanding of how to stay safe online and why this is important. 

Our R.E. work will focus on 'Encounters' and in P.S.H.C.E. children will learn more about relationships and lifestyles. 


Educational Visits

Year 4 children will get the chance to take part in the annual residential visit, which will take place from Mon 17th to Wed 19th June 2018. This year's visit is to the Yorkshire coast, taking in Scarborough, Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby. This is an important part of developing independence and confidence. Full details will be shared with parents and children in due course. 


Other Information

PE Kit

Children should bring the correct P.E. kit on the following day, although it is a good idea to have kit from Monday through to Friday.

Classes 4, 5 and 6 - Wednesdays (Outdoor games) 

Class 4 - Thursdays (athletics and fitness)

Class 5 - Thursdays (athletics and fitness)

Class 6 -  Thursdays (athletics and fitness)


All classes will do outdoor PE on Wednesdays when a change of footwear is required. Children may also bring tracksuit bottoms / joggers and a warm top such as a sweatshirt or hooded top. During this term we aim to do our athletics and fitness activities outdoors as well. For all PE lessons, jewellery should be removed or covered with tape.



Year 3 and 4 children will continue to benefit from our specialist music teacher, Kim Rooke, who visits every Friday afternoon to teach the children a range of musical skills, including vocal control, rhythm and pitch. The children will also get lots of practical playing opportunities using 'boomwhackers' (click for details), percussion instruments, keyboards, strings and brass instruments.

Homework tasks

Children should read each evening and practise their spellings (on given sheets). We also encourage children to practise their times tables regularly by focusing on the tables they find tricky. From time-to-time children will bring home a maths sheet. 

Mathletics (click to go to site) and TimesTable Rockstars (click to go to site) are also available as an online resource and children have their own logins and passwords.

Class 5 Fossil Investigations - Please click on the photos below.